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Are you tired of mold troubling your property? Mold grows fast in areas where sunlight isn’t visible enough, where water or moisture tends to hold, and where places aren’t readily available for cleaning. Mold can be a threat to your health and must be immediately inspected and tested if you find certain obvious signs such as bad smell, unusual sneezing, or throat infection.

We will help you in professionally inspecting and testing your property for mold. We check for:

  • Any possible foul smell in your home/office
  • Signs of humidity or water leakage in your property
  • Possible history of flooding and water retention in your premises

Statenislandmoldspecialist is renowned across Staten Island for top-notch mold inspection and testing services, and mold removal solutions. You need to call us and fix an appointment for the inspecting process. If we detect mold existence during the testing process, then we will suggest immediate mold removal treatment.

We offer quick, affordable, and effective mold removal treatment for you right at your door-steps. Call us now!